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""Only very rarely does one of our stories – one of us – change the course of human events. Joshua Sharpe asked the right questions, refusing easy answers..." -- Anna Quindlen, best-selling author and journalist on the reporting for "The Man No One Believed: The Untold Story of the Georgia Church Murders."

"Josh is a generational talent; his work testifies to that. (As an editor and mentor on my stories), he's made it significantly better -- more impactful, more lyrical, more outrage-inducing." -- Susie, San Francisco Bay Area investigative reporter

"In each case we worked on together, he scoured every single document for helpful information and ultimately helped us crack open several cases.  Josh also never gives up and his passion for finding the truth is unmatched." -- D.K., University of Michigan law student on investigating potential wrongful convictions with Sharpe in the Michigan Innocence Clinic

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