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A 2023-2024 Knight-Wallace Fellow, Livingston Award winner, Sharpe is a print and audio journalist, and editor, whose stories have helped free two innocent people from life in prison and exposed deadly government failures. In 2021, he won the Livingston Award, a national Murrow Award, a National Headliner Award and a Southeast Emmy for a documentary, "The Imperfect Alibi," about Sharpe's investigation into the 1985 murders of a couple inside their historic Black church in rural Georgia. Sharpe, a 2022 and 2023 Pulitzer Prizes judge, is writing a book called, "The Man No One Believed," for W.W. Norton and Company about the still unfolding aftermath of the church murders case. Sharpe's reporting uncovered new evidence on a purported white supremacist who allegedly bragged about the murders, leading to a new police investigation and Dennis Perry's release from life in prison. 

As an editor and coach, Sharpe is building a track record for careful and humane approaches to helping reporters realize their potential in ambitious stories they long to produce. Sharpe enjoys working with writers and reporters who seek to push themselves and, in the ever-shifting media landscape, aren't getting enough guidance from their overworked editors. 

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